Poshtickk comes from the word Paushtika which means Nutritious And Wholesome in English and पुष्ट करने वाला in hindi . This brand represents Nutritious Snacks contains the proteins, vitamins, and minerals which help your body to be healthy.

The West has given us a lot of things to be grateful for and Burgers with fries is definitely not one of them. Most of us know (from experience) that all that is tasty is not necessarily healthy. However, with hectic schedules and long work hours all across the world , we find ourselves giving into cravings more often by giving into unhealthy fried bag of chips or ice creams as midnight Indulgence .In the age old battle between taste and health, taste wins every day and sometimes twice on Sundays!

This is why we gave birth to Poshtickk. In a century when health is nothing but a mere afterthought, when food indulgences are followed by heavy bouts of guilt, Poshtickk’s here to introduce an alternative lifestyle for those who want to adopt the same but don’t know where to start. We want to build a community of healthy, happy people! And that doesn’t mean we roll you up in a long list of procedures and methods and prescribe scary diets for you. We’re here to make health simple!

Poshtickk team works with a bunch of nutrition experts who are here to not just to educate you but who will bring to your plates, the best they’ve got !With Us together ,you won’t need to compromise your taste for health. We’ve also made an exception to the rule that all good things come with a price tag by keeping our food items pocket-friendly. This is because we want to bust the myth that health food burns a hole in your pocket. That way, you’ll have no more excuses!

Go ahead, grab your guilt free pass to food today!

Poshtickk – Making Healthy Eating Exciting

Who We Are

We are young food innovators


To make healthy eating


To become the largest
packaged health food
brand in India.


To develop innovative &
affordable snacking options
which are healthy & tasty.

Meet Our Team

Our Founders

Bhavya Sharma

Founder, Managing Director

As Indian Consumers we are becoming more and more conscious about our health. People all over the world are working harder for long hours . My first thought being a fitness enthusiast was that what can i do to break unhealthy eating patterns so that these people who work so hard dont have to bother about mid meal snacking. Poshtickk is an alternative lifestyle that aims at spreading awareness about healthy choice of eating habits. In 4 years our products have spread across entire country . My hope for POSHTICKK is that in 5 years we will be as fresh and open to possibilities as we are today and reach different parts of the world.