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In this fast-paced century where everyone is constantly running around, priding themselves in being ‘busy’, we promise to make heathy living an essential part of your life. We’ll take the burden of weighing, measuring and pondering over what you should eat and cook up some delicious meals for you.

Our products, crafted by our in-house chefs and approved by our nutritionist, have been created such that they make their way into your routines seamlessly! So imagine an invisible hand coming in, time and again, and replacing your bag of chips with pure, unadulterated awesomeness that tastes just as good!

Oh and, you can thank us later.

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  • Better – for- you ingredients Creating healthy snacks start by making the right choices : We use super foods, whole grains, berries, dried fruit to retains the goodness &nutrients. Quinoa , Brown-Rice ,Black Chana and Moong-Dal Crisps are some of our best range of savoury snacks
  • Healthy yet tasty Healthy food often succumbs to the lack of taste. We created exciting flavours keeping in mind the Indian palate. Authentic Herbs and spices define our flavours such as Bhel Chaska and Chatpata Indian .
  • Innovative Cooking Methods We use techniques such as roasting & puffing that eliminate the excessive usage ofsugars, salt or oil thereby retaining the health quotient of theingredients.
  • Attractive Price Point Our snacks are competitively priced starting from Rs 50 going up to Rs 145, thereby giving good value for money to the consumer.

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